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Meet Katerina, a groomer driven by an unwavering passion and love for dogs.

Moving from Bay Area, California to Henrico, Virginia in 2021, Katerina found her calling in dog grooming, a passion ignited by her beloved dog, Rosie. Her connection with dogs goes beyond mere grooming; it's an understanding, a kinship that dogs can sense, creating a bond of calm and trust.

As a solopreneur, she emphasizes quality and personal connections over quantity, ensuring that every dog receives her undivided attention.

Unlike larger, impersonal grooming services, Katerina's approach is warm, caring, and tailored to each individual dog.

She treats each pup with the love and attention that only someone who sees them as family can provide.

With Katerina's gentle touch, expertise, and genuine love for dogs, your pooch will leave feeling pampered, happy, and looking its best.

Katerina eagerly awaits the opportunity to meet you and your four-legged companion soon!

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